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U.S. Escrow Privacy Policy

U.S. Escrow Services, Inc. (U.S. Escrow) supports full knowledge and disclosure of our privacy policy. This statement discloses the privacy practices for U.S. Escrow Services, Inc. Web sites. This policy addresses:

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. U.S. Escrow has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our respect for our users' personal privacy. The following provides our information gathering, security, and disclosure practices for this web site, http://www.usescrow.net, which is owned and operated by U.S. Escrow.

If we should change U.S. Escrow Services, Inc.'s Privacy Policy to utilize users' personally identifiable information in a manner that is not now described in and allowed by our Privacy Policy, prior to that change, we will proactively seek your permission through a global email giving you the option to opt-in to an email notification list where you may agree to receive notification about changes in our Privacy Policy. You may then choose whether to allow U.S. Escrow to change its use of your personally identifiable information by responding to the email within 10 days of the date it is sent. Any changes to U.S. Escrow Services, Inc.'s Privacy Policy will also be posted at this location. In addition to the opt-in email notification, we request that you also be sure to check this page periodically for changes. Changes to the Privacy Policy will become effective 30 days after the first posting of the notice of the change and the date an email is sent to you detailing those changes.

Procedures are in place to help ensure the safety and security of information collected through our web site. This includes, but is not limited to, appropriate Internet and server (physical) security, application design and managerial practices and principles required by U.S. Escrow Services, Inc. For more information, please review Our Commitment to Data Security.

What Information is Collected

Personal Information. U.S. Escrow only collects personally identifiable information you voluntarily provide in order to obtain our customized products and services. Personally identifiable information includes first and last name, physical address, e-mail address, and other information that from time to time may be requested in order for U.S. Escrow to provide specialized services. In addition, when U.S. Escrow products are sold through this Website, we may also collect certain financial and business information about your credit, bank account(s), or other financial information, the business purpose for which you desire to use U.S. Escrow and other information necessary for U. S. Escrow to provide you with its services. All of the information you provide us is treated as confidential by us. This information is used specifically by U.S. Escrow to provide products and/or services requested by our customer. Under no circumstance is personal information shared with any other source or third party that is not required to deliver the products/services requested by the user, or by law. We do not sell our customers' personal information.

Your confidential information that is stored by U.S. Escrow is maintained in a highly secure environment, not available to the general public, which includes, but is not limited to, Internet and physical security, as well as strict managerial policies and procedures.

Aggregate/ Non Identifying Information. When you visit our site, we may collect some basic and anonymous information about your computer, including, but not limited to:

  1. IP address (your computer's unique signature)
  2. Operating system (i.e. Windows)
  3. Browser software (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)

We use information collected about your computer to perform routine web site maintenance and to generate aggregate Web site traffic reports so we can develop site content and features of value to you.

Policy on Cookies

A cookie is a small data file that certain Web sites place on a user's hard drive when a user visits that site. Cookie files often contain information such as a user ID, which the site uses to track pages of the Web site, visited by the user.

The only personal information a cookie can contain is information that the user supplies.

A user can always refuse cookies by turning them off in the user's browser. Cookies do not need to be turned on to use any U.S. Escrow site.

U.S. Escrow may use cookies to:

  1. Track users on database pages, to determine whether they are a new user or a repeat visitor.
  2. Compile detailed site usage statistics and generate reports by selecting from a range of variables.

U.S. Escrow is not responsible for the cookie policies at other sites that our Web site links to, or sites that link to our Web site.

How Information is Used

Registration Forms–Personal Information. How user information is used is determined by the permission the user gives us. There are two levels of permission: U.S. Escrow may send user email notifications, or U.S. Escrow may not send email to user. When registration forms are used on http://www.usescrow.net, U.S. Escrow requires users to provide contact information (such as their name and e-mail address). If the user gives us permission, we will use customer contact information provided by users on their registration forms to send the user information, newsletters, and notifications about U.S. Escrow's services.

Non-personally Identifying or Aggregate Information. U.S. Escrow Services, Inc. may use non-personally identifying information, such a user's IP address, operating system, browser type, domain names and what web site the user came from, to help diagnose problems with our server, perform routine web site maintenance, administer our web site, and to generate aggregate Web site traffic reports so we can develop site content and features of value to you.

Receiving Email and Direct Mail

It is U.S. Escrow's policy to respect our users' requests not to receive e-mail or direct mailed information distributed by U.S. Escrow. Accordingly, U.S. Escrow has implemented an option to "opt out" of receiving e-mail from U.S. Escrow. Users may "opt-out" of receiving U.S. Escrow e-mail if they check the "Please do not send me any email notifications" button on any registration form provided by U.S. Escrow. At any time, users may also unsubscribe to email information by sending an email to optout@usescrow.net with the word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.

U.S. Escrow reserves the right to maintain email addresses, to notify users of events, newsletters and changes to U.S. Escrow services and Privacy Policy, unless the user has chosen to "opt-out" of receiving such notices. By choosing to "opt-out," restrictions on email usage will be followed, as defined under Receiving Email and Direct Mail.

Our Commitment to Data Security

Information provided by a user through this site shall not be used for any purpose other than that which is clearly indicated by the web site. Reasonable steps to ensure information provided is kept secure and confidential, are provided below:

Physical. Appropriate physical security measures are followed by U.S. Escrow to ensure the protection and safety of our servers. In part, this includes adequate building, server room, server, firewall and server configuration. U.S. Escrow's policies and procedures for maintaining physical security are updated as needed, or required as changes in security measures can be effectively and reasonably utilized by the company.

Managerial. U.S. Escrow takes numerous precautions to ensure the confidentiality of information provided by our customers. Strict managerial practices are followed to prevent misuse of information, or the use of information for any reason that is not necessary to perform and deliver products and services through our web site. U.S. Escrow's privacy principles include:

  • U.S. Escrow will conduct managerial, Internet and physical security audits to ensure corporate procedures are followed.

How to Contact Us

U.S. Escrow welcomes your feedback about this privacy statement and about U.S. Escrow's services and products.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site please contact us via email.