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Cannabis Industry

With the current federal status of Marijuana in the Untied States it is extremely important to have a global network of connections. Therefore, we can provide services others can only dream of.

At US Escrow, we personally deliver professional escrow services for a wide variety of businesses, as a neutral third party, we carry out the specific instructions in a purchase agreement with tremendous care and attention to detail.

From a professional and cultural standpoint, we work hard to make sure that our team is extremely diverse so that we can better meet our customers’ needs. Over 100+ years combined experience with specialties including but not limited to real estate, financing, transportation, legal and construction.

US Escrow performs business Purchase and Sale closings, we are not a title company required for real property. We use a business broker for these transactions.

The closing includes all document preparation, closing statements, actual document presentation and disbursement of funds, and recording of documents.

"In an industry that is new and growing, nobody trusts anybody, but everybody trusts us!"